Nina Elle
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Nina Elle is one of the adult performers from Ludwigshafen, Germany who was born on 28th April, 1980 and she is known for her sexy figure and boobs size. She has performed in more than 170+ movies as an adult actress. In her childhood years, she was a very shy but perhaps a happy girl who loved her dad. She loved being naked when she was a child and this is how she showed  a willingness to join the porn industry as she felt she was being natural. She also got a breast implant at the age of 23. Her first job before working in the porn industry was of a dental assistant. She started working in the porn industry after getting inspired by watching our America as on Oprah channel and she saw how the web cam couple was earning a lot of money by doing Web Cam videos. This is how she got inspired and then she finally signed up for a web cam video which was a hit. She has a lot of sexy moves up her sleeves that can definitely make you cum harder.