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What Makes Cuckolding So Exciting?

What Makes Cuckolding So Exciting?

Smash My Wife

While some men can't imagine their wife's pussy getting railed by another guy and jealousy save it for themselves, others don't settle, at least virtually. The irresistible appeal of this porn category probably lies in the forbidden aspect of it, and we all know that the forbidden fruit tastes way better. The recent survey regarding the popularity of the cuckold category shows that 1.75 million people search the term every month, placing it high on the popularity charts. The interesting side of the phenomenon is that actually engaging in cuckolding in real life isn't so probable, but many people worldwide enjoy watching the action. Other popular fetishes are thoroughly explained in, thus helping you realise you are not alone in your kinks. 

Trying new things in the bedroom is always a great idea, especially for those who are married or in long-term relationships. The perverted undertaking raises many dicks globally, and men make 58% of the total number of cuckold video views on the surveyed website. People in the age span from 45 to 64 are 40% more likely to search for the category, while the younger population is far less interested. The reason behind this might lie in the quest to finding new ideas on how to bring back the spice to the stale sex. Imagining your significant other having sex with someone else might make you pump harder the next time you get under the sheets. 

Cuckold Popularity in Various States

When it comes to the USA, the cuckold category is the most popular in the Rhode Island and West Virginia regions. The kink-inclined citizens of the UK are keen on the wife sharing fantasy as well, while the Cypriots ranked it in the top 40 of all existing categories. It looks like Brazilians are good at sharing, resulting in the cuckold category being the 14th most popular porn term. Other countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Canada also place the cuckold category among their 35 top choices. 

The top related search is the cuckold humiliation, followed by the cuckold cleanup. Based on the survey results, terms commonly searched prior to the wife sharing one involves female domination, cheating, and submission. When asked, viewers claim to love the atmosphere of such porn movies - the imaginative aspect combined with hot intros and intense drilling while the hubby greedily watches. Simply put, cuckold scenes exude the ultimate kinkiness, bringing the darkest desires to life.

Is it for you?

The cuckold term revolves around many other porn niches, such as domination, BDSM, and bisexuality. It shows many hot scenarios ranging from raw humiliation to double penetration. Open your mind, screw the taboos and enjoy your wild kinks no matter who happens to be watching.

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