What Are The Few Shocking Facts About Pornography?


The porn industry is one of the hottest businesses worldwide, continuously growing due to high demand. However, many things people don’t know much about despite watching porn for years. We strongly suggest checking this post and grabbing lots of valuable information if you want to know about them.

Number of Porn Movies ProducedYou will be amazed to know a new porn movie is produced approximately every 40 minutes in the United States. It means the US produces more than 30 porn movies every day.

Taste of WomenMany people will be surprised that girls prefer to watch lesbian porn movies way more than traditional sex. According to stats by top review sites like rabbitsreviews.com, most girls love watching lovemaking between two girls rather than watching male & female encounters.

Watching Porn at WorkThere is a misconception that only men are addicted to porn; the same can’t be said for women. However, a recent proves that nearly 13% of women love watching porn at work. On the other hand, 1 out of every 5 men admits to watching porn at work.

Market SizeThe total size of the porn industry is more than US$ 95 billion in 2023 and is growing exponentially. It is shocking to see porn being bigger than the global music industry. Additionally, it generates nearly the same revenue as the car industry and Hollywood.

Performers EarningDo you know there is a huge difference between the earnings of male and female performers in a porn movie? An adult male performer makes nearly US$ 150 per scene, whereas females earn up to US$ 1,000 with ease for performing a single scene.

Number of Porn WatchersAlthough it isn’t easy to find the exact number of porn users, more than 40 million Americans regularly watch such content. As per an estimate, nearly 2.5 million people watch porn every minute.

Porn Industry EarningHave you ever tried to estimate the earnings made by pornography earning? Please note we aren’t talking about the generated revenue. Let us give you a glimpse of what porn is making! This industry is making US$ 3,000 every second which is a huge number.

Internet QueriesAnother revolutionary fact about porn is that it is involved in 1 out of every 4 queries on the internet. It proves the domination of the porn industry in the online world.

Unused Pornography TabooMany believe the porn industry has used almost every taboo of this world, but there is one that is still not used in the market. Child pornography is the only remaining taboo that doesn’t use in pornography worldwide.

ConclusionHow many of these facts were you aware of about the porn industry? We believe viewers have got tons of valuable information after reading this article. Porn is something that one can enjoy in a range of situations to satisfy your desires.