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The Best Online Dating Sites for Sex Hookup

The Best Online Dating Sites for Sex Hookup

Are you sick and tired of looking for your forever? Would you rather have a one night stand than a one year relationship that will leave you more depressed? Well, our beloved friend the internet has got you covered. But most of the sites on the internet do not have the number of members required to make them effective. So, we have got a list of 4 different sites, each of which has its own USP and you can choose which one of them is the best suited for you. But our recommendation: Stay on all of them. You never know when you might get lucky.

None of these sites are guaranteeing you a hook-up, no genuine site can do that. However, due to their huge user base and their easy user interface, these sites are way ahead of the pack. It is just plain math.

1). Tinder: The Largest User Base

Tinder is easily the most well-known app for dating and hooking up. It is undoubtedly the alpha dog of the online dating space and you can find millions of people on it. This is why there is no dearth for potential matches. It has an incredibly easy to use interface and all you have to do is swipe. The only thing is it is a bit too appearance focused.

2). AdultFriendFinder: The Best Site for Hook-ups

While the other sites on this list have some scope of finding a relationship, this site is dedicated solely to hook-ups, as the name suggests. 

The ‘friends’ you make here will lean more towards the physical side of things, as the name aptly suggests. Do not go on this site if you are looking for anything even a little permanent. People are there for just one reason: free sex hookup.

3). Hinge: Best for The Middle Ground

If you are not looking for a serious or long-lasting relationship, but you don’t want something as shallow as a one-night stand, this is the site for you. While you will have to do a little work up-front, this site is way better at matches than its competitors. Along with your pictures, you are encouraged to write anecdotes to break the tension.

4). Reddit Dirty R4R: The Magic of Reddit

This is where your hours of scouring reddit will come into play. The R4R subreddit is similar to any normal subreddit, anyone has the ability to post. All you have to do is post, and let the gods decide. However, you cannot stand out non-organically by boosting, and spamming will most likely get you banned.

If you want a fast hook-up, you have a lot of great avenues to try your luck on. Don’t just sit there. Go and explore the world.