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History of Internet Sex Chat Rooms

History of Internet Sex Chat Rooms

Internet sex or cyber-sex is so ubiquitous that you don’t really realize how humble its beginnings were, and how recent it actually is. It began as simple chats based on texts and now they have developed into sophisticated sex games in 3D. Cyber-sex is known by many names like internet sex, computer sex, net-sex, and even cybering. The main factor that constitutes cyber sex is two people connected virtually via a computer or any other device. Cyber sex actually evolved as a better alternative to the then popular phone sex lines.

While today cyber sex has evolved to incorporate a lot of visual stimuli and sometimes even physical devices, the basic essence is still the same. While some people simply have a normal sex chat, some actually use sophisticated devices like VR glasses and sex toys which can be remotely controlled by the other person.

The Evolution of Internet Chat Rooms

As we have discussed, there are various ways to engage in cyber-sex; some more sophisticated than the others. However, today we will be looking at the evolution of the oldest form of cyber-sex and one that has constantly evolved with the internet: internet sex chat rooms.

Internet chat rooms have always been a safe haven for people who want to have a mature sex chat without revealing their identity. Not many may know this but the first online chat room was actually developed in 1973, before the World Wide Web came into existence. This was, in many ways, a precursor to the legendary chat rooms like Yahoo, AOL, and MSN Chat.

Chat rooms became popular in the 1990s because of the expansion of the internet bubble. Suddenly people had a way of bypassing those sex phone lines and be a little anonymous while chatting away. While these chat rooms were originally intended to be a meeting point for people, they quickly transformed into platforms for sex chats. This led to more such chat rooms being created exclusively for sex chat, and modern day cybersex was born.

More and More People Joining In

As more and more people continued to join these sex chat rooms, they started becoming more and more niche. Now there were rooms for specific likes like lesbians, gays, and even BDSM. Present day’s tech giants like MSN, Yahoo, and AOL were some of the pioneers of the chat rooms back in the day. As the speeds of the internet improved, more and more visual elements like photos, videos, and camming started to join in.

Social Networks

While modern day social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have evolved from the idea to bring people together like those chat rooms, even the older platforms like Orkut and MySpace were designed to serve primarily as chat rooms, with other added options. In those days, people weren’t used to checking their devices regularly, and these platforms made instant messaging the popular service it is today.

Live Sex Cams

Just like Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, sex chats keep on evolving, taking on a new form which is better and more powerful like the other. As soon as most people started to get better internet speeds, online sex cams started getting popular among people. They incorporated the basic sex chats as well, so now you could not only chat with them but also see them get aroused with you. While many may term these as cyber-prostitution, it is something that really brings the charm into sex chats.

Today, there are thousands of live sex cams and even more sex chat rooms. Go on any one of them today and have a sex chat with a stranger.