Big Booty Queens! - The 5 Hottest In The Industry


If you know your porn, then you have your preferences when it comes to the girls that are featured. But, everyone loves curvy girls with huge tits and round butts that are the center of attention the whole time, apart from other things. It’s classic, and you can never go wrong. Even if you hesitate, clicking on porn like that can be the best decision of your life, and you’ll learn how diverse adult fun can be!


Having fun and seeing something that you like is the main goal of the porn industry, and in the following article, we’ll present to you the hottest big booty pornstars that are going to help you in rubbing one out and releasing all that accumulated stress from your hard day.

Big booty pornstars

Alexis Texas

We cannot possibly exclude Miss Big Booty from our list, and she deserves the first place! Alexis is a hot blondie that will take you on a wild ride with her luscious curves and dirty mind. Her sex drive is all over the place, and you are well aware of it because she’s a household name. When you think of a huge butt, you think of Alexis. It’s not just the size of it! It’s the perfect shape and the ability to take up a huge cock on the first try. Alexis has her own OnlyFans account where she shares some hot BTS scenes, short videos, and exclusive pics that are violating Instagram policies. This hot blondie loves pushing her boundaries every time she films, and she likes sharing, so you’ll be seeing a lot of hot threesomes of her. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, have you ever watched good porn?

Crystal Lust

Standing right next to Alexis, we have our hot gal Crystal! She has one of the biggest asses you’ve ever seen, and hers is paired perfectly with a pair of huge tits that will suffocate you as she’s on top of you. But, if you’re preferring the safe side, you should position yourself on the comfiest chair in your room, and play some of her videos. As of recently, Crystal decided to come one step closer to her fans, and she created her OnlyFans profile, a place where she chats with fans and posts exclusive content. In the meantime, she’ll fulfill every stepsis fantasy you’ve ever had, and she’ll even make all your holidays jolly.

Kelsie Monroe

The porn industry was doing just fine when her huge butt busted the scene and made its debut. Things have changed since then, and the porn industry started thriving. Kelsie is one of those girls that are destined to do porn and to satisfy men and women across the globe. You’d think that her fat ass was made from sitting around all day and hitting ass day in the gym five times a week, but once you check her out, you’ll be surprised at her fitness level and the ability to do splits on a dick. She can go on and on for hours if it wasn’t driving the guys beneath her nuts and having them cumming after a short while. Not many can resist the urge to explode while being inside her. Once she bends down and arches her back, all of the dicks in the room become instantly attracted to and sucked into her tight holes. Kelsie is a freak 24/7, and she’s not afraid to show it all. 

Monica Santhiago

A hot, inked, Brazilian babe that loves BBCs at all times. Brazil might be famous for its football players, but we all know that the hottest Latina babes come exactly from the hot favelas in the country. Monica has been around for quite a while, and once her fans discovered her, she became super popular. She hasn’t stopped since making her debut, and there is no way she can. Receiving pleasure and giving pleasure are two of her favorite things and she has them both in the porn industry. So far, she’s won many awards and has been featured in some of the most-watched porn videos ever.

Devon Lee

Cougars are taking over the scene and we cannot complain if all of them looked the way Devon does. This curvy babe will fulfill every stepmom/aunt fantasy you’ve ever had, all while fucking her neighbors, well-hung college fratboys, your innocent looking girl next door… she’s also extremely fetish friendly, so you’ll get the opportunity to see some of the hottest bondage videos that are featuring her. There are two kinds of guys out there, and you’re either a boob guy or an ass guy. Well, lucky for you, Devon has them both, and you can enjoy the video no matter what you prefer. Her double D’s are big enough to bury your whole face in between, and you’ll enjoy every second of it.